Lightweight Fan Unit

In the tactical world, foggy and impaired vision can have significant consequences. When in the field or on a mission, professionals need to have clear vision at all times. This is where the ExFog anti-fog system comes in a game-changer for tactical eyewear. Designed to maintain clear vision in challenging scenarios, this lightweight fan unit easily attaches to the strap of goggles or masks, circulating fresh air and removing moisture to keep you fog-free. To experience the ExFog difference, order here: or call us at 866-393-6450.

The Problem with Foggy Vision

Fogging is a common issue faced by tactical professionals, especially when wearing protective eyewear during physically demanding activities. Temperature changes, humidity, and strenuous activities can cause moisture to build up inside the eyewear, resulting in foggy lenses. This not only affects the wearer's vision but can also be a safety concern.

Traditional Solutions Fall Short

Many have tried to overcome this issue using various temporary solutions like anti-fog sprays, wipes, or gels. While these methods can work to an extent, they often fall short of providing lasting, effective results. They require repeated application, can be easily washed off or dissipate, and can even damage the lens coatings in some cases.

Introducing ExFog: The Ultimate Anti-Fog Solution

ExFog has developed an innovative solution to this common problem. The ExFog anti-fog system features a lightweight fan unit that easily attaches to the strap of your goggles or masks. With its patent-pending design, you no longer have to worry about impaired vision from fogged-up lenses instead, you can focus on the task at hand.

How It Works

The ExFog anti-fog system drastically reduces fogging by continuously circulating fresh air within your eyewear. The system works by drawing in outside air through the fan unit, transporting it through the tubing, and distributing it evenly along the lens surface. This effective process removes moisture and maintains clear vision in even the most difficult environments.

Key Features

- Lightweight Fan Unit: Weighing less than two ounces, the ExFog fan unit is easy to wear and doesn't add any unnecessary weight. Its compact size also makes it effortless to attach to the eyewear strap.

- Battery Life: The ExFog unit operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing up to 15 hours of continuous use on a single charge. A USB charging cable is included for easy recharging when necessary.

- Variable Fan Speeds: With built-in variable fan speed control, the user can easily adjust the fan speed according to their specific needs and environment conditions.

- Compatibility: The ExFog anti-fog system can be used with virtually any type of goggle, mask, or helmet, making it a versatile choice for a range of professionals and applications.

- Durability: Designed with durability in mind, the ExFog unit is built with impact-resistant materials that can withstand challenging situations and environments.

- Easy Installation: The ExFog system comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making installation a breeze. In just a few simple steps, your eyewear will be fog-free and ready to use.

Who Can Benefit

The ExFog anti-fog system is perfect for a wide range of tactical professionals who rely on clear, fog-free vision in their protective eyewear. This can include, but is not limited to:

- Military and Law Enforcement

- Firefighters

- Emergency Responders

- Search and Rescue Teams

- Airsoft and Paintball Players

- Outdoor Enthusiasts

Experience Fog-Free Vision Today

Say goodbye to foggy vision and hello to clear, unobstructed views with the ExFog anti-fog system. It's time to elevate your tactical eyewear game and enhance your performance in challenging scenarios. Don't miss out on this innovative solution order your ExFog system online at or call us at 866-393-6450 to experience the difference today.